Extra Large 4pc Grinder

Extra Large 4pc Grinder

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This 4-piece Large grinder is crafted solidly out of Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy. Very sturdy in the hand. Perfect for crushing tobacco, herb, tea, and spice.

Its Razor sharp diamond teeth are produced by Precision CNC Machinery which guarantees shred herbs and spices with maximum efficiency.

And it has a fine mesh filter and pollen catcher, which allows stoners dust to strain through into the lowest layer, where it collects.

This is one of the best grinders money can buy. These grinders are perfect as first-time patient gifts, promotional items, as well as having them in stock for retail.

  • Grinder Size: 100 mm = 4 inch
  • Height: 60 mm = 2.4 inch
  • Material: Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy
  • 4 pieces.
  • Weight: 703 g.